My Darling Seo: Passion Vs. Practicality

In a world burgeoning with fast paced activity, one’d think that money making would trump (pardon the pun) striving for excellence any day. Since becoming older (bah), I guess I also became more realistic, resignedly just supposing how commerce was vital in developing one’s bread and butter (since it is that, after all). Until, well, […]

Being Open To Change Rocks, Too.

The best kind of attitude, in my opinion, for those who work in technology is being open to change. If you quizzically thought “that’s common sense,” I thought so, too. That is, until I jumped into the developers’ world and observed that it isn’t so sometimes, so it seems. Being faced with this stark reality […]

Strange Things Do Happen

Been just mucking around (flipping my lip) for the past couple of months since I decided (see 1st post) to do some serious study. #confessiontime. Something strange happened, though. Give take 2-3 weeks ago, I found a coding course which I never expected to finish at all. I ended up, not only finishing it in […]