Technical Notes

Scientific Div may have been based, name wise, on my Scientific Metro original, but it is a self-reliant, self-contained entity that cropped up due to the necessity of separating SciMet activity with web design and development in itself.

All of this, though, was founded on the plan I had made some years back to officially get into IT by making a blog to document my journey. Read on below.

The germ of SciMet sprouted from an old blog of mine related to programming called E-Masonry: Building with E-Bricks-and-Mortar + E-lbow Grease. (Post look familiar?)


I wanted to document my coding progress from start to, well, progressiveness, so a blog seemed the best course to posting my daily (or intermittent) activity.



There might appear here some elements that are original material. So it behooves me to implore you fine folk to spare a thought of kindness – that in case you were planning on borrowing something, please do inform me first if you can. Borrow, that is. We might be able to find an arrangement or two, who knows. Mutual respect goes a long way.

All original material published here is the property of Scientific Metro. Unless stated otherwise. Others could be under a Creative Commons license or public domain. Proper acknowledgements will be undertaken.


Want to ask something or drop a message? Ta-da! Forms are handy. Respect, please.